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Day Trading 101

Day Trading is the disciplined practice of buying and selling financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, forex, commodities and derivatives within the same trading day. A day trader closes all positions before market close at the end of the trading day. 


Beginners: Get your bearings

Financial market instruments can rise or fall by several percentage points within a short time. This is especially true when an significant event triggers a buying or selling frenzy. On a buoyant trading day, successful traders can make good gains on a single trade. 


Technicals and Fundamentals Explained

Traders and investors use two primary methods to support their decisions; fundamental and technical analysis. Fundamental analysts anticipate price movements by analysing company, economic and financial criteria. Technicians study price charts to inform their direction of trade.


How to Analyse a Company's Business Model

It is essential for medium and long term equity investors to understand how a company makes money before buying their stock. Owning a stock entitles the investor to part ownership of the business. Fundamental analysis provides the tools to assess the quality of the investment. 



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