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Welcome to The Deal Room, your online trading and investing resource that helps you make winning profitable decisions in the financial markets. Access our extensive educational resources covering all aspects of trading such as market psychology, trading strategies and technical and fundamental analysis.


We feature and partner with leading providers of products and services. We only partner with highly reputable and established companies. Where possible, our team negotiates special offers, rebates and discounts with providers based on leveraging group volumes. You qualify for these benefits by clicking on our featured links. Registrations are done directly with the provider ensuring privacy and security of your personal information. The provider handles any enquiries you may have and passes all benefits directly to you.

Our service is free, we charge no fees. We feature the necessary components for beating the market with an edge through powerful learning, tools, techniques and providers. Our team is passionate about wealth creation and capital growth. The Deal Room is for beginner and experienced traders, whether you trade stocks, futures, forex, CFDs, commodities or any instrument.


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Our educational resources are for learning purposes only. We do not provide investment advice or propose any investment opportunities.





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