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Technicals and Fundamentals Explained

Traders and investors use two primary methods to support their decisions; fundamental and technical analysis. Fundamental analysts anticipate price movements by analysing company, economic and financial criteria. Technicians study price charts to inform their direction of trade.


Beginners: Get your bearings

Financial market instruments can rise or fall by several percentage points within a short time. This is especially true when an significant event triggers a buying or selling frenzy. On a buoyant trading day, successful traders can make good gains on a single trade. 


Trading for a Living

Is it really possible to make a living trading and investing in the financial markets? The short answer is yes. Having a job and being dependent on a salary is an inefficient way to earn an income. Take your first steps towards financial freedom by developing trading skills, discipline, patience and a realistic attitude towards long-term success in the markets.


Trading Pearls of Wisdom

These classic trading widoms have stood the test of time. The list was compiled and used as a collection of rules from classic trading literature throughout the twentieth century. Add these pearls to your trading and investing toolbox.



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