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3 Profit Making Criteria

Do you want to make a fortune trading and investing in the financial markets? A sound game-plan is the first step to building wealth. This approach enabled many to prosper and accumulate profits over time. Ask yourself the following questions before every trade:


Day Trading 101

Day Trading is the disciplined practice of buying and selling financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, forex, commodities and derivatives within the same trading day. A day trader closes all positions before market close at the end of the trading day. 


How to Analyse a Company's Business Model

It is essential for medium and long term equity investors to understand how a company makes money before buying their stock. Owning a stock entitles the investor to part ownership of the business. Fundamental analysis provides the tools to assess the quality of the investment. 


5 Useful Online Trading Tips

Markets move rapidly and online traders have to make quick decisions when profit making opportunities arise. Online trading has challenges that can lead to unforeseen losses in a short period of time. These useful tips prepare you for the unexpected, enhancing successful trade outcomes.



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