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The award winning MetaStock XIII powered by Thomson Reuters data is here! Whether you are an experienced trader or beginner learning to trade, MetaStock helps you succeed.


Cutting edge analysis


MetaStock Professional is specifically designed for 'End of Day' and 'Real-Time' traders i.e. traders using intra-day data to transact in real-time throughout the trading day. 

 84% of MetaStock customers report they are successful in the markets using this software. "

Use the most powerful charting analysis tools available. Make informed trade decisions that increase profits. MetaStock out of the box trading solutions are reliable and easy to use. Take your analysis to the next level. 


Whether you trade stocks, bonds, funds, futures, commodities, FOREX, options or indices - MetaStock has the tools you need for superior market analysis and financial success. "



MetaStock is powered by MetaStock XENITH providing reliable and accurate Thomson Reuters institutional grade real-time data, in-depth fundamental and technical analytics, economic reports and cutting edge breaking news coverage from around the globe. 


Quite simply the most powerful platform available to traders. Gain access to extensive education, training, live webinars and trading resources. Trade like the professionals and get your edge in the markets. 



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We are an official MetaStock partner. Our relationship enables us to provide investors and traders with exclusive special offers and benefits not available directly from MetaStock.

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Now in its 3rd edition 'Secrets of Successful Traders' has been read by thousands of traders worldwide. Nine trading experts share their secrets in this book. MetaStock have compiled works from the best known names in the trading business. We give it to you at no charge.


  1. Bollinger Band Basics - John Bollinger
  2. Identify Important Market Turning Points and setups - Martin Pring
  3. Using Candle Patterns to Spot Early Trading Signals - Steve Nison, C.M.T.
  4. Pinpointing Your Entries and Exits with Swiss Clock Perfection - Dr. Barry Burns
  5. Avoiding False Breakouts - Ken Calhoun
  6. Anatomy of a Stock Chart - Martha Stokes, C.M.T.
  7. Volatility Derivatives - Larry McMillian
  8. How to Manage the Highs and Lows of Trading - Price Headley
  9. What is the RMO? - Rahul Mohindar




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Powerful scanning, endless customisation, comprehensive back-testing and revolutionary forecasting makes MetaStock the best choice for the self directed trader. We invite you to try it for 30 days.

MetaStock is a powerful analysis tool that has been helping traders like yourself be more successful for over 25 years. At the core of our product are the MetaStock PowerTools: the Forecaster™, Explorer™, System Tester™, and Expert Advisor™.


These are included in all versions of MetaStock and allow you to do all the following:

  • Choose from hundreds of built-in trading systems, or build your own
  • Scan sort and rank 1000’s of financial instruments
  • Create, test and compare your trading strategy, BEFORE you spend your capital
  • Back-test multiple strategies against multiple instruments
  • Use analysis, not your emotions to make the best trading decisions
  • Take advantage of clean, accurate Thomson Reuters data
  • Get insight from industry experts
  • Consistently identify the trades that have the highest profit potential


BONUS: All trials come with a FREE 1 hour live online training course to teach you how to use MetaStock. MetaStock will send you details for the training course after trial activation.




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When you purchase MetaStock, you get more than one of the most powerful charting programs on the planet, you get the added value of everything listed here and more:


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  • FREE book 'Technical Analysis from A to Z' – a classic in the industry. This 380 page book is a complete reference for Technical Analysis. Save USD 40
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  • FREE month of DataLink or MetaStock XENITH Real-Time Data and News Package. Save up to USD 150




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MetaStock Product Information and Support


MetaStock and partners value our clients and we have the numbers to prove it. If you need any assistance with product information, installing or running your MetaStock trial, you can contact MetaStock support via live online chat, phone or email during extended business hours at no charge. 

 On average 98% of customers rate MetaStock support team "Exceptional". " 


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