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Trading for a Living

Is it really possible to make a living trading and investing in the financial markets? The short answer is yes. Having a job and being dependent on a salary is an inefficient way to earn an income. Take your first steps towards financial freedom by developing trading skills, discipline, patience and a realistic attitude towards long-term success in the markets.


3 Profit Making Criteria

Do you want to make a fortune trading and investing in the financial markets? A sound game-plan is the first step to building wealth. This approach enabled many to prosper and accumulate profits over time. Ask yourself the following questions before every trade:


Trading Pearls of Wisdom

These classic trading widoms have stood the test of time. The list was compiled and used as a collection of rules from classic trading literature throughout the twentieth century. Add these pearls to your trading and investing toolbox.


5 Useful Online Trading Tips

Markets move rapidly and online traders have to make quick decisions when profit making opportunities arise. Online trading has challenges that can lead to unforeseen losses in a short period of time. These useful tips prepare you for the unexpected, enhancing successful trade outcomes.



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